My portfolio website


Jan 01, 2022






Design, development


Project Details

When I first decided to create my personal website, I experimented with a lot of options and spent a significant amount of time learning Gatsby and trying various templates. But I didn’t feel I could achieve what I wanted with free templates, In addition I found it complicated because I’m not familiar with React. I also didn’t want to worry about resolving issues every time I wanted to tweak something, so I went with Hugo, which only requires a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JS.

The beautiful thing about static websites like Hugo is that they don’t require an active server because the pages are prebuilt, but the files may be shared as is with site users. This means that hosting is quite inexpensive, and with services like Netlify, you may go a long way without spending a penny. The only fee you must pay is for the domain name, which is merely a few dollars per year. I can say that building my website with Hugo was a fantastic experience, and it only took me one week to complete.